Globalization has affected every part of our lives so it makes sense for lonely hearts to take advantage of the Internet to fill the gap in their personal lives.

It makes just as much sense to investigate this Victoria Hearts review that explores one of the leading online dating sites on the Internet, specializing in the beautiful women of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus that have gained a worldwide reputation for their class and femininity.

Rules of the Victoria Hearts game

Joining takes about 15 minutes. After the standard steps of selecting an e-mail and password, you are presented with two questionnaires: eight questions about the woman of your dreams, and 11 questions about yourself.

They boil down to her age, kids, physical characteristics, smoking and drinking habits. For instance, they ask for the body type that you prefer, with the options of average, athletic, a few extra pounds, slim, muscular, big and beautiful.

You are posed with the same question about yourself, in addition to your present country of residence, physical characteristics, marital status (married is not one of them), education, religion, job and smoking/drinking.

Those questions that are irrelevant to you (like religion, for many) or uncomfortable (such as body type) can be skipped. Upon submitting your answers (from a list presented), the website performs its algorithms and you find yourself receiving messages from stunning women within a minute’s time!

In essence, you can begin to change your sorry dating life – particularly If your local dating scene is a desert with tumbleweeds – in a matter of minutes! It’s no wonder that the site has so many members, particularly of the female persuasion.

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Indeed if you’re intimidated by the possibility that the woman you’re targeted is being pursued by too many courters, rest assured that you’ll have at least a dozen to work on in romancing.

Pay to play VictoriaHearts

Which brings us to the fact that responding to your first messages requires your first payment.

Yes, you have to pay just to chat. $9.99 for 20 credits is the initial payment when you press the orange Upgrade button on the righthand side to gain Premium membership, which offers:

  • Instant messaging and chatting with any female.
  • Ability to send mail.
  • Access to all statistics, including visitors to your profile and info about members who have added me to their favorites and liked me.
  • Access to private photos and videos.
  • Ability to send virtual and real presents.

One problem with the site is it’s not clear just what 20 credits gets you. Yet such payments are a necessary part of being a member of a premium online dating platform with quality women seeking serious relations, explained Alex Williams of Victoria Hearts.

One nuance, however, is that these 20 credits are not enough for landing your soulmate. Frankly, you can easily spend this money in 10 minutes of live chat, as each minute costs 2 credits. Another option for these limited funds is sending the your first letters to two beauties – each one for 10 credits. Or you can spend them on 4 virtual gifts to other members (at 5 credits for each gift).

So, you need at least 100 credits to feel comfortable on the site and engage in some serious romance. If you’ve already bought a smaller credit package, there’s no need to worry as you can easily top up your credit account at any time of the day and night with your Visa, Maestro, or MasterCard. Now the site offers these credit packages:

  • Package #1: 20 credits for $9.99;
  • Package #2: 50 credits for $28.99;
  • Package #3: 125 credits for $64.99;
  • Package #4: 250 credits for $99.99;
  • Package #5: 750 credits for $214.99.

Besides selecting the right package, it’s also worth carefully checking e-mails from the site’s team. They regularly offer lucky members personal discounts.

The prices for interaction alone act as a filter to sort out those who aren’t serious about dating. The prices also act to pay for the impressive anti-scam safeguards (to be described below) and talented VictoriaHearts staff, who offer a 24-hour customer service hotline to address any issues or concerns.

Several times I turned to them in the middle of the night and that did not prevent them from providing answers within 1-2 hours. The guidelines and explanations they sent were always simple and understandable. Also, I personally like these guys for their friendliness and sense of humor.

They won’t leave you hanging until they are sure that your problem is fully resolved. So don’t be afraid to ask for help on this site if you need it. Especially, if you have problems with making payments or editing your personal information. And if you think that someone you’ve come across is acting suspiciously (like a fraudster looking to collect money or gifts), don’t hesitate to inform the support team in this case as well.

A Contact Us button is conveniently located on the righthand side of each page. By clicking on it, you open a form that allows you not only to describe your problem and pose questions, but also add screenshots or other necessary files to your claim.  

If you don’t want to fill in the support form or cannot enter certain pages of the site, you can also contact the support team via e-mail at: You can also count on a fast and clear reply that way as well.

It comes down to this: to do quality online dating, you have pay a quality price. If you want to scrimp and save, then you’ll just have to take your chances on low-quality products,Williams said.

Imagine the thrill of receiving Likes from attractive women who are interested in a serious conversation about life, love and exploring the world together. And they’ve have been prescreened using your entered information.

Faces and IMBRA

Quality means unique features such as Faces, in which you are presented with profiles from which to select your favorites.

The mobile version of Victoria Hearts is remarkably comfortable to use, which means that you can pursue potential mates while jogging on your treadmill in the gym!

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Victoria Hearts lets you know which women are online at the very moment that you have logged in, which means more direct communicating and less time wasted on searches. At one point, I had four chats going at the same time.

Security at VictoriaHearts is backed up by IMBRA verification. Before setting a meeting with a potential partner, both of you will fill out a form that will help verify that you are a real person, based on your home address and mobile phone number.

Victoria Hearts free from scams

Numerous precautions offered by Victoria Hearts are designed to ensure that you don’t encounter potential unpleasantries of online international dating that can include women soliciting money, gifts and even travel visas.

At this point, it’s worth reviewing the anti-scam measures that Victoria Hearts has in place:

  • Prices for services that deter aimless flirting by those not serious about relations while encouraging members to focus on reaching their goals in love and relationships.
  • Encryption technology to protect personal info (photos, videos) and financial data (credit card number).
  • IMBRA verification to ensure that the woman you’re exchanging conversations and gifts with is real
  • A waiting period for about a week to get better acquainted with the potential mate before an IMBRA check
  • A 24-hour customer service hotline to receive any concerns and complaints about activity on Victoria Hearts
  • A refund policy in the event that a scammer is exposed, including credits paid for conversations and gifts
  • A permanent ban on exposed scammers

Calling out the criticism

The messages from ladies that you get within minutes of registering are clearly prewritten, which has prompted many critics of this site to allege that this is cold proof that such platforms are scams to lure members into paying for messages and chats with women who might not even be those depicted in their profiles.

Yet the executives at Victoria Hearts explain that all this is to your advantage. After having filled out the questionnaire for the type of woman you’re looking for, their site immediately tries to put you in contact with those who meet your criteria.

That is done so you don’t waste your time. We open up direct access to the precise women that members expressed interest in when signing up,” said Alex Williams of Victoria Hearts.

Receiving messages is also a good way to start the paid-for chat, but there’s always the option of performing an extended search for those dissatisfied with the initial set of women contacted.

If you’re worried about the language barrier, VictoriaHearts offers live chat support involving a translator.

Certainly, the risk looms that any interaction won’t come to fruition. But no website can prevent the sometimes harsh realities in the game of love. With each passing year since the Soviet collapse, Ukrainian women have become increasingly sophisticated and demanding of the type of men they are seeking.

At the same time, they remain interested in Western men because of the security they offer, both financially and emotionally. And they haven’t been corrupted by modern social trends in the West that have made many women undesirable for marriage.

That’s what makes Victoria Hearts an online dating site that’s worth investing time and money in. While I have yet to make plans to travel to Ukraine or Russia to meet with potential mates, I’ve already had fascinating conversations that are rare in our atomized consumerist culture.

So my impression is Victoria Hearts offers hope that true love is entirely possible if you expand your horizons to the global realm. This Victoria Hearts review should help in pointing in the right direction quality Western men, who are looking for classy and cultured women.

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