A year ago I decided to try something new and join the premium dating platform Victoria Dates, as my friend had convinced me that it wasn’t a scam. Before joining this site, I was skeptical about the idea of paid online dating. But now I’m glad to have changed my mind as I finally found a woman I want to marry. I have written this Victoria Dates review to share my story with other skeptical but lonely people who are itching to take that first step but are being held back.

What is VictoriaDates.com all about?

Victoria Dates is a platform that provides paid dating services to people around the world. Platforms of this type are usually called “premium” as becoming a member brings VIP service rarely available on similar sites, particularly those that are free-of-charge.

Joining VictoriaDates.com, you can be sure that you’ll get high quality services and necessary assistance from the support team at any time of the day or night. You are also safe here as the administration team is constantly on the lookout for scams, protects you from hackers and respects your privacy.

Here you can enjoy plenty of interesting features, like live chats, different search tools, an online shop with its own delivery service, and others. All of them were developed with an understanding of the needs of those starting a long-distance relationship. You won’t find a random hookup on this site as only those who are willing to find a life partner stay on Victoria Dates. That’s because finding a partner requires becoming a paid subscriber, which acts as a very effective filter separating potential life maters from the casual flirters.

Yes, members of this site have to pay for the opportunity to communicate with each other. Only a few options come for free – setting up your profile, viewing your basic statistics (see chart below) and viewing other women’s profiles. That’s about it. If you want to take full advantage of VictoriaDates.com, you will need to buy a subscription. For only $9.99 you will get premium status for an unlimited time along with the ability to read your incoming messages and view your dating statistics.  All members can view their basic statistics in the box on the righthand side of the screen.

But only subscribers can click on the links and explore whom they’ve attracted. They can see who added them to Favorites, visited their pages or liked them. This information – not available on many other platforms – is really useful on a dating site. It allows the site’s hopeless romantics to find the profiles of women who have expressed interest in order to initiate a chat with them.

Buying a subscription, you also get 20 credits, which are the official currency of Victoria Dates. You can buy an unlimited amount of credits and spend them on the site.

Having credits on your Victoria Dates account, you can afford:

  • Exchanging e-mails with other members;
  • Using live chat;
  • Viewing private photos and videos;
  • Sending virtual or real gifts to other members;
  • Ordering a delivery of flowers right to your mate’s door.  

It’s a fact of life that people take more seriously what they pay for. I even became a better conversationalist when I had to pay for each message I sent. I don’t write stupid things like “Hi” or “What’s up?” to women I’ve never met in person. Instead, I use the 300 characters I have in a typically message box to build a trusting relationship with the lady on the other screen.  And I noticed that the ladies do so as well. So for the premium money you pay you get access to a pool of women who are ready to start a serious relationship, who are interested in you and won’t who waste your time if they can already tell that you’re not the right man for them. No free dating site can offer that.

In the course of your chats and messages, you are likely to run out of credits and receive annoying payment notifications. I noticed that they have a tendency to interrupt your chats at the most intimate and thrilling moments, killing all the romance. To avoid them, you can set up automatic purchases of credits, an option that can be switched on in your profile settings.

Finding a soulmate on VictoriaDates.com

Victoria Dates is available from your laptop or mobile device. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an application for iPhone, but the mobile version runs well in its browser. I mostly use it, as I like to chat from my iPhone.

It’ll take you three minutes to create an account on the site, and another fifteen minutes to complete its two questionnaires about yourself and your ideal woman. At the end, you can also fill in a Describe Yourself form to find your own words for yourself and your dreams, as well as upload your profile picture. I recommend not skipping any of these steps as they will impact your popularity on the site. The more accurate you are when setting up your profile, the better matches you will get.

VictoriaDates.com is sensitive to your privacy. In the five minutes of joining the site, you are asked to enter only your first name, date of birth, e-mail address and password.

After you’ve completed both questionnaires and uploaded a picture, other members will be immediately able to see your profile. So don’t be surprised when you receive a swarm of messages right from the start. That’s because the site’s algorithms used the information shared in the questions to find the closest matches, with the most in common.

Having drawn the attention of numerous women, you’ll have several ways to find the perfect partner on the site. You can try all of them if all this is new for you, or do what’s tried and tested for you.

  1. Read all incoming messages and reply to them. If some woman spends money on a message to you, she is really interested. Why not give her a chance?
  2. Find the time to play the Faces game. Playing it, you will see the photos of VictoriaDate’s sexy members and choose to like or skip them. The site then enables you to immediately start chatting with the members you’ve liked.
  3. Use the Victoria Dates awesome search engine to find a woman who meets your dating criteria. You can apply several filters to the site’s members when using its search engine, including age, country, city, religion, marital status, kids, drinking, and smoking behavior.
  4. Check your matches. The site regularly offers you matching partners. So you just need to check those that are generated and initiate contact. It worked for me and now I’m madly in love!

Positive and negative features of VictoriaDates.com

Being a member of this site for half a year, I can emphasize the following pros and cons.


  • Thousands of single female members who want to start a serious relationship;
  • Excellent customer service;
  • Reliable security measures;
  • Flower and gift delivery, both virtual and real;
  • A fun Faces game.
  • Impressive matches produced by the search engine.


  • No mobile application for iPhone;
  • You’ll need to pay for every interaction with other members;
  • Annoying notifications.

Frankly, I spent a lot of money to meet my girlfriend on this site, but I don’t regret it as now I am the happiest guy on the planet, having such a sexy, classy woman by my side. So I can safely safe now that Victoria Dates is not a scam. It’s among the best premium dating sites that successfully connects soulmates wherever they may be.