The intense rhythm of life today leaves people little time to go to the places where it’s possible to meet other people they can build relationships with. That’s why more and more polite, exciting, and successful men and women stay single. But some of them turn to online dating and try to find their soulmates on the Internet. It’s effortless, doesn’t take a lot of time and gives the possibility of starting relationships with people from all over the world.

It this review, we will look at the online communication platform VictoriaBrides. It focuses on international dating and tries to prove that true love has no borders.

What Is VictoriaBrides?

VictoriaBrides is a premium international dating website that helps men and women meet each other despite the great distance separating them. The core audiences of this platform are single people who are ready to start families. They dream about love and want to build committed relationships.

Users who want to chat with other members without limits need to pay for a subscription, which is why the site isn’t attractive to people who don’t want to build serious relationships.

The site has a lot of profiles; with thousands of men and women using the site already. Also, a lot of new members join the site every day.

Go Through Registration

Only registered users can view the profiles of other members of VictoriaBrides and communicate with them. That means that you need to go through the registration procedure to start looking for love. Luckily, it’s free, simple, and can be done from any device. You just need to enter your name, password and actual email into a registration form.

Then wait for a confirmation email and click on the activation button to create your account on the site and gain access to profiles of VictoriaBrides members.

Create Your Profile

Once you have finished the registration and logged into your account, the site will ask you to complete two questionnaires.

Filling in the first one, you talk about what kind of woman you’re looking for on VictoriaBrides.

Completing the second, you share some information about yourself.

The more honestly you answer, the higher your chances are of getting a good match.

The next step of the process of profile creation is uploading a profile picture. The site gives you a choice: to create a new picture using your web camera or to upload an existing one from your computer.

Search for Your Dream Girl

On any dating site, there should be several search options, so the needs of every user are satisfied. Members of VictoriaBrides can choose between three search options – “Faces,” a simple search, and an extended search.

“Faces” is a search option that shows a user only a profile picture of one of the female members of the site which the user then decides whether to “like” or “skip.”

If the user decides to like it, the owner of the photo will receive a notification and can, if they choose, write to him first. Clicking on the skip button, the user sees the photo of the next woman.

A simple search, as well as an extended search, enables users to find women who satisfy various criteria. The simple search uses only one criterion, the woman’s age.

An extended search, on the contrary, gives several filters which users can apply. It’s a very convenient feature for users who have a more specific view of what partner would be a good match for them.

You can view the profiles of VictoriaBrides’ classy ladies and interact with them both from your laptop and mobile device. Unfortunately, the site hasn’t released applications for iOS or Android yet. When I couldn’t find them in the App Store, I contacted the support team, and a guy named Alex told me that they plan to release them in the nearest future. But for now, I would say that the site’s mobile version is good enough. I tested it myself, and it was fast, simple, and well-developed. I had no problems using it.

To open VictoriaBrides on your smartphone, you need to enter the site’s address in your mobile browser and type your login and password into a registration form. You’ll be able to use its lite version, which is a solid choice for those who like texting.

In fact, I recommend if you prefer using a mobile device for informal interactions (like I do). It allows you to stay in touch with other members, wherever you are, with the certainty that you won’t miss anything important. The only exception is if you don’t have much typing speed with your smartphone. In which case, don’t bother with a live chat. Write letters or send virtual gifts instead.

More info about how to use Victoria Brides interface you can learn from this video

Update Your Account to Premium

There are some features on VictoriaBrides which are available only for users with premium accounts. So, everyone who wants to gain access to all these features needs to upgrade his account to premium. These features include unlimited messages, chatting, and video calls, and access to private photos of other members of VictoriaBrides.
All new users get free test credits and can use them to enjoy these features.

Once you’ve spent your test credits, you’ll have to buy another credit package to be able to continue using all the features the site offers. Victoria Brides now offers a choice of these credit packages:

  •    20 credits for $9.99
  •    50 credits for $28.99
  •    125 credits for $64.99
  •    250 credits for $99.99
  •    750 credits for $214.99

Making this choice, keep in mind that each minute of using live chat is 2 credits, the first letter is 10 credits, and every subsequent letter is 30 credits. Also, you can start your chats with other members with cute virtual gifts. They cost 5 credits per each gift sent. In my experience, this way of starting a romantic dialogue brings more results than sending a winking smiley face or writing a simple “Hello.” If you want to view a lady’s personal video, you should be ready to spend 25 credits on it.

Also, this site has its own online shop where you can order the delivery of real bouquets of flowers and nice romantic gifts to the women of your desires, no matter what country they live in. But the prices for such bouquets start from 390 credits (delivery included) so I recommend extending such surprises only to the woman who has finally won your heart.   

Don’t hesitate to contact support

The VictoriaBrides dating site has the best support team I’ve ever seen. All its specialists are very friendly and easy to communicate with. No matter how silly the question you’re asking, I found that they will give you clear and understandable answers in a patient way. They work round-the-clock so you can count on a fast response at any time of the day or night. If you want to write a message to support, you need to click on the Contact Us button on the righthand side of your screen or send your question to:

When clicking on the Contact Us button, a special form appears that requires filling in several fields:

– Your name

– E-mail address

– “How can we help you?”

The last field is where you should write your question or describe your problem in detail. You can even add some screenshots by clicking on the Attachments button.

So if you don’t understand how some features work or notice something suspicious, don’t waste your time and contact the support team as soon as possible to get high-quality customer service.

Is It Safe?

Everyone who uses dating sites knows that the risk of meeting scammers there is very high, especially on premium platforms. The members of VictoriaBrides are protected by its anti-scam policy. People who use false identities, try to offer escort services to other members or, extort money from them, are banned by the site administration. Also, their victims get back all money they spent on communication with them.

To protect users against man-in-the-middle attacks, VictoriaBrides uses 128 bit SSL encrypted payment page and an https protocol.

Disclosure: “Sponsored by VictoriaBrides”