I never did online dating, which I always viewed as a pit of creepy crawlers from both sexes. That’s why I approached my choice of an assignment of a RomanceTale.com review with a good dose of skepticism and a cringe down my spine once I landed on its homepage.

It suits them well, I thought to myself. Let the socially impaired dorks get scammed by Chinese charmers. And may those digging for gold wind up empty with their techie dweebs.

Not just anybody. Gotta’ pay to play.

However romancetale.com didn’t fit this template in my mind. The first thing that chipped at it was Romance Tale’s payment structure. Simply put, you’ve got to pay to play.

Creating a profile is free, but even engaging in your first chat will cost a minimum fee of $9.99, which will cover a single letter (ten credits) and five minutes of chatting (two credits per minute). Each subsequent letter costs 30 credits. And surprising the target of your affections with a cute virtual gift, which will help you stand out from the rest, will only cost you 5 credits.

Now the kneejerk reaction of Joe Basement will be, “Why should I pay for something that I can do for free on Facebook ?!?”

But that’s precisely why Facebook, Tinder and others are free – they’re a cyber-wilderness that offer no filtration at all. You don’t know the intentions of most random encounters, and nor can women be sure of your intentions (which is why they hesitate to respond.)

Romance Tale distinguishes those seeking real relationships from the career flirters and scammers that surf social networking sites endlessly for the very reason that they are free.

The women there either have to pay for interaction themselves (after creating a profile) or gain access to RomanceTale.com through a marriage agency, which almost always has its own filtration process. (These agencies also keep records of the women they deal with it.) 

How many credits do you need on your account to be able to develop a successful relationship on this site? Ultimately, it depends on you. But I think that you need to spend at least 750 credits on communicating with a lady to know her well enough to call her your girlfriend. That also happens to be the largest credit package available for purchase on RomanceTale, which costs a convenient $214.99.

RomanceTale.com a secure place for dating

What also impressed me about Romance Tale is its other security features, beyond the filtering payment structure.

For those ready to exchange contact information after having engaged in chats, messaging and exchanging gifts, RomanceTale offers its own unique verification check that is as simple as submitting photo ID (and a basic form for U.S. citizens.)

The verification comes after interactions of a minimum of ten days that give members enough time to get familiar with each other on an informal basis without having to spend more on verification (only to find that they’re not as compatible as they thought they were).

To get started on Romance Tale, I simply signed up by offering my name, birthday and e-mail address. Then come about two dozen questions that describe yourself, as well as the type of mate that you’re looking for.

Besides questions on weight, height and number of children, even something as specific as body type is explored, with the options of slim, athletic, muscular, a few extra pounds, and “big & beautiful.”

Personal or annoying questions can be skipped. Moreover, once your profile is established, you can change your characteristics, photos or preferences in potential mates at any point.

An abundance of contacts immediately

With enough details and photos on your profile, the messages, and requests for chatting start pouring in immediately from the cutest of chicks.

The texts seem a bit suspicious, given that many contain generic flirting phrases seems to have been written by junior high school kids such as, “Do you believe in Destiny? Soul mates?”(sic)

But then I realized that the Asian women of RomanceTale have never been abroad, nor have they had the opportunity to develop their English skills.

Join RomanceTale

Besides, getting messages from those women that meet the criteria you indicated is a lot better than a cold search through hundreds of profiles with no leads at all – yet another advantage of RomanceTale over other social media.

As you can see below, I got messages indicating that “Elly is a possible match for you.” Then I was informed that Caihong liked me and sent a message. Then a message box with a photo of sexy Susan sprung up to tell me, “Just found you when I surf on the site.” That’s RomanceTale’s matching algorithms working for you – even weeks after you join.

Romance Tale constantly keeps you aware of who is online to chat, particularly among your favorites. At any given moment, there’s at least 200 women to exchange flirtations with.

And if you want to check all your feedback immediately, you can open the site on your smartphone. The company hasn’t released its own full-fledged application yet, but members can use the fast and powerful mobile version to contact ladies wherever they may be, whether at the gym or on the metro.

I don’t like to use my smartphone for texting as I still can’t type quickly. So I mostly used it for checking my messages and profile visitors, as well as scrolling the profiles of Asian beauties. Never had I come across the mobile version crashing.

Meanwhile, the site’s unique Faces feature allows you to quickly flip through beauties and select those that most impress, thereby letting them know that you’re interested.

Support team that’s always ready to help

I was satisfied with customer care. The site offers its members support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. So, you can get help quickly at any time, even in the middle of the night. And you can also count on a polite and friendly attitude from the RomanceTale support specialists, who are easy to reach. A member only needs to click on the Contact Us button on the righthand side of any screen and describe his issue in the pop-up form.

In order to ensure you are getting necessary help as quickly as possible, be prepared to provide this information:

  • Your name;
  • Your e-mail address;
  • Your question or detailed description of the problem you faced.

Among the advantages of the Contact Us form is it enables members to add various files to their inquiries. Most people use this option to attach screenshots, as they make their issues easier to understand and therefore faster to resolve.  

You can also find the link to this form at the bottom of each page. And if you prefer to communicate with the support team via e-mail, you can send your questions to: support@romancetale.com. This is especially relevant for members who cannot open the site or have lost access to their accounts.

What I like about this site’s support most is that specialists never close an inquiry until it’s fully resolved. And the instructions they send are clear and explicit.

Since most questions can be answered online, RomanceTale doesn’t offer its members a telephone hotline at the moment. I don’t think it’s the right approach though, as sometimes it’s faster and more efficient to spend 5 minutes on talking to a specialist than hours on exchanging e-mails.  

Account deactivation

Joining a dating site that focuses on meaningful relationships, you should be ready to delete your account once you’ve found a special woman. It’s the mature thing to do. Yes, the dating game is fun, but trusting and loving relationships are better investments of your time and money.  

As with any adequate dating site, RomanceTale allows members both to join and to delete their accounts for free and for any reason. So that way, you don’t need to worry that if you fail to meet your soulmate on this site, your new girlfriend will someday google your dating Romance Tale profile and accuse you of deception.

The procedure of account deactivation is rather simple. You need to write a simple message to the support specialists in which you ask them to delete your account. As I mentioned earlier, you can do it by using the Contact Us form or just sending them an e-mail.

As this site cares about its clients, the support specialist will ask you to explain why you want to leave. And if your reason is dissatisfaction with the services provided or conflicts with other members, they will try to solve the problem. After these efforts, it will ultimately be up to you to decide to give this site one more chance or to leave it forever.

If you are deleting your account because you’ve already achieved your romantic goal and met the woman you’ve always dreamed of, your request will be accepted immediately, no questions asked. Then you’ll have to wait for a short period while it is processed. When the support team deletes your account from the site, you will get a notification. If you want to come back for whatever reason, you can also recover your account at any time.

On my way to China

There are a few issues with RomanceTale. Getting customer support can take as long as ten minutes sometimes. It’s a little heavy on China, with far fewer women from exotic countries like Vietnam or Thailand.

This also revealed the occasional technical glitch on the website. For instance, sometimes when I tried to do a country search, I was often given no options beyond “All countries.”

But it has been a month since I’ve become a member and I’ve enjoyed many evenings flirting with women that I would not have otherwise met. For those who claim that the women are part of a scam, all I can say is that a true scam would have fluent English speakers. A lot of these girls are limited to basic English.

A true scam would involve girls that don’t remember anything about me. My inner circle of ladies does remember details about me. A true scam would not have ladies discussing meetings. Yet my ladies are openly discussing that option with me now.

I can’t say that I’ve found my soul mate yet, but sometimes that’s not apparent until you really get to know someone. After a month, I’m well on my way to be writing a RomanceTale.com review about my first trip to China.

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