The rundown

I am not here to brag about this particular dating website called Hily I came across. I am just here to, maybe, save some poor bloke out there tearing his hair apart, frustrated by the lack of a proper outlet for online dating. I found when I started out this online dating thing a few weeks ago. Now, I am not a genius in this computer stuff. I only put my hand on this because nothing else was working out for me. Hily did work for me eventually and I think I owe it to this hily dating site review that help me out in choosing the dating website as well as writing my own review.

My beef with dating

Sure I went on dates with real ladies, had dinner and everything but I could never get anywhere with that. I couldn’t really connect with any women I met. Now, I have to confess, I am kind of a left-handed monkey wrench and there are not a lot of things I have to say to a nice lady on a date. With that said, I found some comfort with as this website allows you to choose your preferences and everything, which is pretty neat. I don’t have to waste my time going on dates and finding out that I have nothing to say to the woman. With hily, I START out with the stuff I have to say and that leads to a date on a good day.

Dating websites have lately become the bars of the online world. You go there, have a chat with a nice person and hope that one thing leads to another. Or you have drinks thrown into your faces. My experience with dating websites has been frustrating for the most part. Like pretty much everything else, these websites are never how they appear. It’s never as simple as “signing up, liking profiles and score!”. If you hadn’t thought about it before, dating requires the participation of real people. And real people are complex, unpredictable and you can never really know what they want from you. With so many websites littering the interwebz today, it’s become kind of a given that a majority of people take a facetious approach to this whole “online dating thing”. And the amount of scammers on them looking to scam you will make you lose faith in humanity. When I started out a couple of months ago, I found more spam or promotional messages in my inbox than messages from actual people. Now, I get it that it’s business and all but I would have liked to have, like, at least one “real” message among five duds.

It’s even more difficult when you are looking for something very specific. Now I am not talking about the “blonde or brunette” stuff, I am talking about something more subtle, like common interests. Now that’s something that actually keeps the fire going. Trust me, I have gone out with many women just because they were easy on the eyes. It doesn’t lead to anything, unless you get off on awkward silences, long pauses and uncomfortable shuffles in your seats. Now, I am a football (soccer) fan, and this one time, I found this self-proclaimed football fan-girl. We went out on a date, and started talking. Her favourite football club was the country of Spain *facepalm*. Long story short, the date was over in 10 minutes.

Why hily

On, I can mention some of the things I am looking for right in my profile. I kind of wish that there were more things to choose from, but it’s still pretty neat for the most part. On there, you have your boilerplate stuff like:

  • status in relationship
  • age preference
  • type of relationship you are looking for
  • purpose on the website
  • gender etc.

In hindsight, I would have loved to have things like common interests, hobbies and activities, personal habits etc, you know, more things to add to your profile. Would have made my search a lot more focused I think. Let me start off by telling you how to get started. Now, it’s actually really simple you would see, all you have to do is push some buttons and land on You would most likely find yourself on the home page, which is the very first page of websites or something like that. You can create a fresh new account, which is free. Once you have created an account, you have the option of logging in right from the homepage. If you have used any website for, say, like 5 minutes, you would immediately figure out what to do when you choose to create a new account. You have your fields for entering

  • email addresses
  • password
  • gender
  • your birthdate
  • zip code registration

and then you would be asked to upload a profile picture.

I guess pretty much everyone reading this would know what that is but let me mention it just in case. A profile picture is just a photo of you and it’s what others would see when they look at your profile. In the context of a dating site, I think that maybe, just maybe a good photo is kind of important. One thing about this process of uploading a picture kind of frustrated me. Apparently, you have to upload a picture having some specific dimensions or something. I had to look around the internet and understand what they wanted from me. I hope this gets sorted out soon. Anyways, moving on, once you make an account, you would be asked to confirm your membership by clicking on a confirmation mail sent to your email ID.

Hily first email

Once you do that, you are good to go. They have got a hily app too and I guess the process is mostly the same there as well.

The website itself is pretty simple. You would kind of know what’s going on. Hily also has this tutorial thing, where you are shown how the site works right at the start. Guys like me would appreciate that. You would be shown photos of people around and what you have to do is click either “like” or “dislike” on them. Also, know that most people would be located near you, which is kind of nice, I mean, the ultimate goal is to go out with real people, isn’t it. So, you can start liking profiles but the catch is that unless they like your profile back, you won’t be able to do much. If a person doesn’t like your profile, you cannot send them a message or anything. And the only way of connecting with a person on Hily is by chatting with them.

Now, there are two sides to this. A good thing about this is that you won’t be spammed by unnecessary messages, which is especially important for the women, as with every other dating website, you would see tonnes of blokes out there desperate to match up with women. With that said, be prepared to wait for a long time before getting lucky. Remember, the other person may or may not take interest in you, just like in real world. Hily is not a magic wand, nobody can help you if you don’t take it seriously, like, keeping your profile up-to-date and stuff. I spent many idle days, just liking profiles and hoping to get those “mutual likes”. I got a few some time afterwards but not everyone of my matches was what I wanted. This is where having more options to play with in the preferences section of my profile would have helped me out. messing around with settings

Speaking about preferences, you can click this little icon thingy and toggle options like, people of which gender you are looking for and your preferred age range. If the hily people had thrown in stuff like height and weight as well, that would have hit the spot. At the moment there isn’t much to see but you can head over to your profile settings and play around with some settings there.

Hily account settings

You can see the settings available to you in the image above. The titles should be self-evident. You define what your current relationship status is, what is your purpose on hily and so on. You can click on those arrow thingies and select the option that is most applicable to you. That stuff right there is pretty crucial really.

The other stuff you see in your profile is your basic information. You won’t be doing much with that except updating it occasionally. Be sure to keep your private information secure. The last thing you want is getting yourself scammed or exploited just because you gave out the wrong information to the wrong person.

Cutting to the chase

If you like meeting new people and hate dealing with unnecessary crap, hily is what you should be going for. Now, it isn’t perfect and like every dating website out there, you would be encountering some frustration here and there. I only found a moderately likable person very recently, and at the moment, though I am not sure how things would work out for us, I am motivated and a bit more relaxed knowing that hily works. I would like many things changed or added rather, so that the process becomes even smoother. Having additional preferences would do that I think. And though I get the idea of mutual likes, I am not a fan of it. I like the technical stuff behind the website though. Apparently, they use this mathematical equation or something to find matches etc. And the guys at hily have assured the hily community that the website is secure from cyber attacks and stuff. With that said, I am not jumping up and down for having found this dating website; it’s more like relief, a fresh breath of air. I hope this hily dating site review is useful in some way to someone and good luck out there!