There are 2 types of paid dating websites. First ones do nothing and offer you to pay them money. Second ones do something and offer you to pay them money too.

Well, the second ones make all the difference. And belongs to them.

Let’s start with cons.

You’re probably reading this Kismia review exactly because of cons. Okay, I’ll be as strict as possible.

Recently, I’ve had a lot of friends ask me which dating site to use to find serious relationships. Having read lots of dating site reviews I told them the truth, I thought it would be great to recommend them the site they would love to use over and over again, so I recommend them Kismia only. But you shouldn’t expect it to be perfect, and here’s why:

1. “Browsing” is limited until you pay

Everyone knows how dating websites work. You see a pretty face, click on his / her profile, think you might be a good match, try to send message and next moment the website tells you to pay. Okay.

Kismia limits browsing user profile even before you make a decision to message your potential match. Well, maybe it makes sense for users who seek and choose a potential partner by the photo only, but definitely not for users who want a deep meaningful connection first.

2. Personality test is toooo long

Personally I didn’t find the way to skip it. My friends did. The question is how?

But anyway, Kismia personality test is really extended. You need to answer 50 or more questions so that the system can count your compatibility % with other users. Can we all make it later?

3. Annoying ads

When you try to chill and just play the “Dating” game, the website bombards you with ads like: write him first, browse his profile. But why so serious? I just want to relax and have some fun…

Plus, I know better who’s “my type”. Thanks!

All right, that’s all about the cons. Now let’s review the advantages.

Pros and your decision

1. It does deliver a result!

I was looking for a man aged 30-38 years old, and the men of this age are usually married with children. So I didn’t hope to meet someone quickly, wanted just to look around and maybe have a couple of dates.

Kismia makes a really good job in matching you with suitable partners. I had three dates with really good men within first 2 weeks! None of the dating websites I used before have brought such results.

I guess this is the biggest Kismia plus, since the actual purpose of any dating website is to find a match suitable for you.

2. 99% of people are real

I’ve heard a lot of stories ending with: …turns out she’s fake. Fake profiles are safety ring for “young” dating sites.

While there are some websites that completely full of robots, most users are real on Kismia. I didn’t write 100% real, because I had an experience when I didn’t receive answers from some really nice guys. Maybe they were too “good” for me.

3. Users are friendly, open

It was always a problem for me to message first. It might be a stereotype to think that men should text / call on a date / take the initiative first, but I’m a old-fashioned woman, I’m afraid of being rejected.

You might say, everyone does. But my point here is you can forget about making the first move on Kismia. There are plenty of first-step-makers, and I don’t mean the users, I mean friendly stickers, likes and smiles. They do all the “dirty” job instead of you.

I find Kismia users very sociable. They are not afraid of just texting, saying hi and welcoming you on the site. It’s nice.

4. Convenience

As soon as you sign up on the website, you can start playing the “Dating” game, a la swiping game, and see literally hundreds of potential matches.

The interface is designed so amazingly that you can amaze matches you like right away and then wait for them to like / amaze you back.

As on the other dating websites you can add your most beloved matches to the “Favourites”, you can see your potential matches stored in one place, browse your daily visitors, suitable partners and those who like you in the “Dating” game.

Every time you log in on the site, the system tells you how many new users you have on your profile since the last time.

Well, I guess that’s everything I wanted to share with you, here you’ll find one more Kismia review. Hope, it’ll help you to make up your mind and start your love story.

Feel free to ask me any questions you have after watching this video!

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