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When was the last time you were on a date with a woman? Six months ago? A year? Or even two years ago? Are you still thinking that Internet dating is for losers?  I’m not an expert, but I have a hypothesis that these two facts might be connected somehow. And that has led me to write this AsiaCharm review.

Let me explain my position. Until my late 30s, I was a single (read: lonely) guy, never been married or involved in a long-term relationship. While my friends were getting married, having children and even getting divorced, I was waiting for the “fateful meeting with the perfect woman”. But time passed and nothing ever happened. My life was a routine – home, work, gym, and rare BBQs with my married friends. One day I realized that I hadn’t been in love for five years already. That was the moment when I decided to give online dating a chance. So I started reading articles about dating sites and found an AsiaCharm review that caught my attention.  

I’ve been a member of this site for six months now and still enjoy every minute here. It is a safe place where people can search for love. In this article, I’ll try to give you clear guidelines how to join and create a perfect dating profile here.  

Why Asia Charm?

What sets this platform apart from other online dating sites is its audience. It has gathered thousands of men and women who are serious about a long-term relationship. These people are open-hearted and mature enough to start their own families. So if you are tired of casual flirting, you can count on something deeper here.

The Asia Charm dating service is a premium site, which means that its members need to pay for each interaction they have. But they are also treated like a VIP and can feel safe while searching for love here.

Another distinctive feature of this site is that it’s popular in Asia. So if you have always been interested in the prospects of a relationship with a woman from the Orient, you can easily pursue one here.

How to join?

It’s easy to join AsiaCharm. All you need to do is to fill in five fields of the sign-up form and place a check in a box indicating that you agree with the Terms of Use and other rules of this site. You can do it from any device, including your Smartphone.  

So what are in these fields?

  1. Sex. In the first field, you can specify your gender and the gender of the partner you want to meet on this site. This field is a dropdown list that let you select between two options:
    • Man Seeking Woman
    • Woman Seeking Man

It means that AsiaCharm now offers online dating services for hetero singles only.

  1. Name. Here you are asked to enter your first name. As this site is a platform that allows members to keep their privacy and confidentiality, you aren’t required to prove your identity to create an account. So, technically, you can enter any name you want. But I recommend entering your real first name because that will make it easier for you to pass the verification procedure later. The thing is that this site offers plenty of unique and useful features available only to members who have proven their identities. Entering your real name, you can avoid misunderstandings when you will try to verify your account later.
  1. Date of birth. As in the previous paragraph, I recommend entering your real date of birth. My point is that if you want to start a mature relationship online, it’s better to tell the truth from the very beginning.
  2. E-mail. Here you need to enter your e-mail address. It should be valid, as later you’ll be asked to confirm it by clicking on the orange button to finish your registration. Another reason to enter a valid e-mail address is to stay informed about what happened on the site while you were offline – who visited your profile, who wanted to start chatting with you, who sent you messages and so on. 
  3. Password. In the last field of this sign-up form, you need to enter a secure password. Creating it, keep in mind that you’ll have to make payments on this site. So don’t choose your date of birth or the word “password” as a password.

How to get good matches?

This site has a powerful matching algorithm that connects likeminded singles. How does it work? Members enter information about themselves, which is analyzed by the site to produce compatible partners. The info in the welcome questionnaire consists of two parts:

  • About your date
  • About yourself

In the first part of this questionnaire, you can specify:

  • What kind of a relationship you’re looking for on this site (a long-term relationship, a marriage, a penfriend and so on).
  • The age, height, and weight of the woman of your dreams.
  • Her marital record and attitude to having children. Does she already have them? Does she want to have children in future?
  • Her smoking and drinking behavior.
  • Unfortunately, you can’t specify the hair or eye color of the woman you’re looking for. But you can choose her body type instead.

The second part of this questionnaire allows for sharing some information about yourself. Matching algorithms will use this information to present you as a match to the Asia Charm ladies. So be honest when completing it. Here, on AsiaCharm, fake information about your personality is a barrier to a trusting and loving relationship.

So what information can you share?

  • Your country and city of residence;
  • Your age, height and body type;
  • Your marital status and attitude to children;
  • Your level of education;
  • Your religion

As you see in the screenshots, you can also skip any question you don’t want to answer. It’s very convenient. But keep in mind that there is a correlation between your answers and your matches. So if you’re a firm atheist, you’d better mention it to avoid awkward discussions or even conflicts about beliefs with religious members who see you in their matches only because you skipped the question about your religion.

Also here you can share some interesting facts about your life, interests, and hobbies in the Describe Yourself form that will be posted with your profile.

After completing this questionnaire, you will receive a filled-in dating profile. You’ll need only a good photo to start your search for love.

You can change any of your answers at any moment by clicking on the Edit button in your profile settings.

What’s next?

Now you have everything you need to find your love on this site. Stay online for only an hour and you’re bound to get several messages from stunning women.

Read them, take a look at this site, test advanced search tools, and view the profiles of AsiaCharm beauties. I’m sure you’ll see the value of buying a subscription and communicating with their ladies, particularly as it only costs $9.99.

When you see how many beauties are using this dating site, you’ll probably wonder “Is Asia Charm a scam?” The answer is no because I’ve checked it out. Moreover, this site is a platform with strong anti-scam protection.

AsiaCharm offers its members a secure https:// protocol. The safety of transactions here is guaranteed by reliable 128-bit SSL encryption. Also, each member can undergo the free-of-charge ID verification procedure to prove that they are a real person. At the same time, other members can see who has already passed it and who hasn’t. All the owners of verified accounts gain the Validated status under their profile pictures.

The site administration isn’t loyal to people who’re trying to lure money from others instead of building a trustful relationship. Each person who has even asked for financial help or a valuable gift will be banned from this site.

So it’s strictly forbidden to pursue an AsiaCharm scam, a place where you really can feel safe and trust those you’re interacting with.

Pros and Cons of Asia Charm


  • It’s safe.
  • You can meet hundreds of beauties looking for a meaningful relationship.
  • It’s easy to join.
  • You regularly get new matching partners.
  • You’re treated like a VIP.


  • It’s not free. You need to pay for each interaction with other members.
  • Most of its women are not Americans.
  • You need to share some information about your personality to get good matches

I hope this AsiaCharm review has shown how easy you can start dating online. This site really changed my life. It helped me find joy in this dating game and see how many women are interested in me. So don’t waste your time. Open AsiaCharm and create an account here. Let this exciting journey to the land of love begin!