Imagine you meet a nice, smart, pretty, hot or whatever girl. You are about to go out on a date with her and get to know her better. Who knows, maybe she is the one…Still, there might be 2 reasons that it doesn’t going to happen:

  • you are the guy who is out of her depth
  • she has a boyfriend

Whereas you have no voice in the first reason, there is a solution to the very next one. It’s simple: you need to know for sure whether a girl you liked is single. That is why you need to some tricks on how to ask a girl if she has a boyfriend.

Trick #1: Explore her Facebook account

Hope, it’s a little secret that all the information about anyone can be found in social media accounts? Sometimes you don’t even need to talk to a person to reveal that there might be a connection between you two. The very same thing we may tell about our probable match. I personally believe that an investigation of a girl’s Facebook profile is absolutely ordinary thing now. Usually, when I finally happen in with a girl in offline, I know pretty much stuff about her – her favorite music-bands, the latest movie she watched, the latest restaurant she visited, the latest country she’s been to. In other words, I might know things that I wasn’t even supposed to know. The point is that all the answers to your questions on what a person she is may be evidently stated in her Facebook. Should I tell that if she is in a relationship, you will need to blind to overlook it in online profiles?

Trick #2: Read her behavior

Frankly speaking, it’s easy to spot single girls on online dating sites. They just clearly state that in their profiles. In case you don’t have enough evidences that she’s got a boyfriend, a simple chatting or texting will help you. You don’t need to be very pushy and bumptious when trying to get a clue on her relationship status. Most women will merely go away from such blade. Girls like attention, and little chances that they will clearly tell you whether they have a boyfriend.

Women make heavy use of their body language. That is why the way she acts usually give signals that she’s in relationship or is really looking around for a good man. There are many other ways to discover her relationship status, but keep in mind that online dating and the whole story of finding the beloved one always involves competition with others. Take it as a game and spy out the information you need without asking.

Trick #3: Ask “accidental” questions

Remember that every time you meet a new girl, try to be cool and confident. If you want to push forward the relationship with a girl you like, do it ingeniously. If you just flat out ask her whether she has a boyfriend, you’ll scare her off. A woman may take it as if you had serious plans for her. It would be better to start just a random chat with some kind of “accidental” questions.

Want to know how to ask a girl if she has a boyfriend over text? Write her that her “boyfriend” should be proud of her, or that he is the lucky one to have her. These phrases will not only flatter her, but they will let you know if there is actually a guy she’s in. If not, then don’t lose your chance to win her heart.

One more way to get a clue on her relationship status is asking her about the latest weekend. What was she doing? If she has a match already, then he will appear in her story, for sure. Usually women talk about their significant ones absent mindedly. That is exactly what you need!

The trick in asking “accidential” questions is that you may ask them in the course of a simple chat. No intense or tension is required. Let it flow smoothly.

Trick #4: Ask her to meet up one day

If you don’t know how to ask a girl if she has a boyfriend without asking, the solution is easy. Just tell her you’d love to meet up sometime. If you two have a great conversation online but you still unsure whether she is single, then asking her for an offline date is a perfect way to reveal the truths. And her interest in you, as well. If she answers “no” to your proposition, it will be an evident sign to move on.

Trick #5 (not a trick, actually): Straightforward question

Yeap, the last trick is just ask her whether she has a boyfriend. Certainly, any woman will appraise some kind of smart questions like: Would I be lucky enough to know that you are single? Every question that requires a straight answer should be properly dished up and asked in the right time. Forget about asking a girl if she’s alone when you doesn’t know her properly.

But to avoid these situations you always can find girls at online dating sites. Many girls looking love there and you be sure that she alone and ready to start relationship. You should start your search at this online datin site.

In conclusion, I want to remind you that when to try to find the right way on how to ask a girl if she has a boyfriend, you need to be crafty so not to scare off your probable match and build lasting relationship outside of online dating sites.

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