Have you ever thought about dating older men? It is a known fact that older men prefer younger women. We make them feel young and desired. Younger women are fresh and full of energy, just what an older man needs in his life. Older gentlemen, in general, are more mature, financially and emotionally stable. Unlike younger generations, older men are less likely to cheat and will treat a woman with respect. Dating an older man is definitely something to think about if you are tired of failed relationships. One of our dating experts has shared her on advice on how to date an older man.

“Even though younger women dating older men is common nowadays, I never considered dating an older man before. I always aimed for men that were around my age or a couple of years older. The idea of dating an older man never appealed to me. One day I met Him by pure chance. I was having a bad day after work and decided to go for a drink to a bar next to my house. He sat next to meet at the bar area and we hit it off immediately. Turns out, we have so much in common and despite the 20 year age difference, our sense of humor is the same. He is smart, charming, kind, sexy, and funny. We are now happily married and expecting a baby in 4 months. I am the happiest I have ever been. None of my previous boyfriends made me feel the same way as he does. I wanted to give you my best tips on how to meet older men because meeting him was definitely one of the best things that happened in my life”.

How to meet older men

“There are plenty of places where older men spend their free time. All you have to do pick the right place and look approachable.”

 1.Restaurants and bars

Older men often go to restaurants or hang out in bars because they can afford to do so. Next time you feel like going out, wear a cute outfit, bring a girlfriend and check out one of the bars or restaurants in your area. There is a high chance you will spot an older gentleman at a restaurant table or a bar area.”


Casino is also a place where you can find a lot of older men. Start by hanging out near the roulette table of a man you have noticed. Perhaps, ask him for some gambling tips and see where things go from there.

 3. Wine shops and tastings

Older men love a glass of good wine. Invite a girlfriend with you to a wine tasting or a wine shop in your area and perhaps you will spot a nice looking older man there. Ask him questions or advice on the wine or any other topics you have in mind.”

 4. Go on a vacation

“Pick a destination which older men would most likely prefer as well. Avoid party resorts or destinations that are extremely cheap. Remember, older men have money to spend and would rather go on a more expensive adventure. A cruise or an all-inclusive hotel would be a great pick. A lot of men travel solo and you have a great possibility of meeting a single man during your vacation.”

 5. Dog parks

“Bring your dog, or if you don’t have one, borrow one from a friend and go to the dog park. Striking up a conversation is way easier when dogs are involved, especially if they play together. That way, you are automatically forced to spend some time with a mysterious stranger :)”

 6. Grocery stores

“This is another great place where you have a high chance of running into an older man while shopping. Next time you have to go to a grocery store, look friendly and approachable. Ask a man in the same aisle as you for advice on a product or ask for help in finding something in the store. Chances are, you will end up having a conversation with him and hopefully a date afterward .”

How to get an older guy to like you

In the early stages of a relationship, making a good impression is crucial.

 7. Act confident

Confidence is attractive. Pay attention to your posture and how you carry yourself. Be calm and maintain eye contact while talking to him. Don’t be afraid to smile and be a little flirty as well.

 8. Be independent

Most older men are not looking to take care of you. It is important to have your life together such as your own apartment, job, social life. You will look strong and mature in his eyes. He will be even more attracted to you knowing that you don’t want to be with him just for his wealth.

 9. Show your commitment

Prove him that you are able to maintain relationships with his family and friends. That way he will know that you have serious intentions and are not just looking for a short fling. “

 10. Get to know him

Show him that you are truly interested in him by asking questions, find out what his goals in life are and what he is looking for. You will learn more about him and will find out if he is a good match for you or not. “

 11. Avoid talking about the age difference

“If you just met this man, discussing the age gap right away is not a good idea. It will make him feel awkward and possibly upset, even if don’t mean to offend him. Instead of talking about the age difference, find out what his hobbies are and tell him about yours. Learn more about each other just as you would with a man of your own age.”

How to tell if an older man likes you

“You like him but you aren’t sure how he feels about you. In reality, it is not that difficult to figure it out. From personal experience, some of the most common signs are:”

  • He compliments you often
  • He asks you questions about yourself and remembers all of the small details
  • Makes physical contact with you
  • Maintains eye contact while talking to you
  • Talks about his future plans and asks you about yours

“I hope enjoyed reading my advice on how to date an older man. I would love to hear your feedback. Best of luck!”